Effective groups help us reduce our shame and feeling like nobody understands our struggle.  You are not alone and it's only in our isolation that our fears and need for approval grow stronger.  By being in groups and becoming more fully known these fears and dependencies can subside significantly.  Additionally, as we hear stories similar to ours we realize we are really not alone - our experiences are in fact normalized.  


CoEd Processing Group - starts Monday, October 9th.

I am pleased to announce a CoEd Processing Group.  I hope this can be a significant catalyst to our recovery and future vision.

The group will be focused on a few areas:

  • Relational Patterns - often our maladaptive patterns and beliefs show up in our more intimate relationships and friendships.  We will explore how these developed in the context of our life and story.
  • Shame and Codependency Reduction - each member will look at how any shame or "approval addiction" shows up in his/her life and work.  Oftentimes these tend to stay below the surface and cause us to feel stuck, burned out and exhausted.  Through our own vulnerability and group feedback we can begin to challenge these patterns to create real change in our lives.
  • Process Focused - group members will be expected to "show up" for group and actively participate.  We will allow time each week for individuals to ask for time to process areas of concerns and/or difficult emotions.
  • Some Experiential - as guided by group we will periodically do experiential "work" to dig deeper into our stories, family of origins and our own shame/codependency/fear.

The group will meet from Monday nights from 5:30-7pm for a duration of 12 weeks.  The group starts October 9th.  Cost is $55 per group session.  

For more information or to sign up please email eric@recover-restore.com