Effective groups will greatly reduce shame, provide effective accountability and also be a place of support.  Addiction thrives in isolation and groups directly counteract that.  Additionally, as we hear stories similar to ours we realize we are really not alone - our experiences are in fact normalized.  

Groups are a tremendous catalyst to in the healing of sexual addiction, shame and trauma.  Indeed, group therapy has been acknowledged as the most effective form of treatment in the recovery of sex addicts.  


Men's Recovery Group - next round begins May, 2018

I am pleased to announce that our Men's Recovery Group will be starting again this fall.  I hope this can be a significant catalyst to our recovery and future vision.

The group will be focused on a few areas:

  • Psychoeducation and Homework - each participant will be working through their own workbook and materials using a self created homework plan.  We will also spend time learning more together about addiction as a brain disease and the implications of that in our own healing and recovery.
  • Support and Accountability - each member will check in each week around their sobriety and process.  Group accountability will be paramount, but coupled also with a culture of support and affirmation.
  • Process Focused - group members will be expected to "show up" for group and actively participate.  We will allow time each week for individuals to ask for time to process areas of concerns and/or difficult emotions.
  • Some Experiential - as guided by group we will periodically do experiential "work" to dig deeper into our stories, family of origins and our own shame/codependency/fear.

The group will meet from 7:15am-8:45 each Thursday morning for a duration of 12 weeks starting May 3rd.  Cost is $65 per group session.

For more information or to sign up please email me at eric@recover-restore.com