At Recover Restore Counseling we believe that groups are an effective and safe place to heal in the context of community and support.  So much research has shown that group therapy works and can be an incredible resource for those involved.  

Effective groups help us reduce our shame and feeling like nobody understands our struggle.  You are not alone and it's only in our isolation that our fears and need for approval grow stronger.  By being in groups and becoming more fully known these fears and dependencies can subside significantly.  Additionally, as we hear stories similar to ours we realize we are really not alone - our experiences are in fact normalized.  

Groups can be a tremendous catalyst to in the healing of all compulsive behaviors, shame and trauma.  Indeed, group therapy has been acknowledged as the most effective form of treatment in the recovery of addictions.  

Recover Restore Counseling has multiple groups currently in process.  Read more about our men's groups or our other processing groups.