For some men entering recovery a focused multi-day intensive will be the best option for creating long term sobriety.  Each intensive is limited to a maximum of 7 people and will look in-depth at the roots and manifestations of the addiction.  Significant cohesion, trust and support will be built in the group as they journey together through the process.

Now taking registrations for our Spring Men's Intensive!

Please contact or call 773-988-7990 for more information.

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Clients consistently tell me the intensive is one of the best investments they have ever made in their therapy.  It is a way of combining 6 months of work into one intensive experience.  

Clients will learn (among other things):

- The neuroscience basis of addiction

- Understanding the addictive cycle, including obsessions and rituals

- Defining sobriety and what behaviors trigger relapse

- Understanding addiction interaction - how different addictive behaviors support and strengthen each other

- Building a community of support 

- Relapse prevention planning

- Family of Origin work

- Sex addiction as an intimacy disorder

- What are the 12 steps and why are they necessary

- How denial shows up to support the addictive behavior