Welcome and thank you so much for visiting! Seeking counseling in any form takes courage and commitment. My hope is that you will also very quickly realize it's a tremendous opportunity. Some of the healthiest, most alive people I know are the ones who have committed themselves to their own growth and process.

We know what it means to sit in the client's chair. It's where we all started our journeys. We have great respect for peers who become willing to unpack the story of their lives. As we will always attest, it is well worth the effort.

As far as addictive behaviors I believe that in many regards our work in therapy is the search for a life fully alive. It is a search for the divine in our personal lives. We seek and pursue behaviors because they make us feel strong or desirable or connected. Unfortunately it is a facade and eventually the scaffolding comes down. As they say, we choose our behaviors but the world chooses the consequences.

We must recalibrate the search towards things that bring life. We must recover the authentic parts of ourselves that were lost along the way. We must restore our integrity and faithfulness and love for others. This is the way forward. Without a passionate, articulate vision for our lives the sweet voice of addictive escape will be too great.

In reading this you may be experiencing a moment of clarity. You can see right now in this moment that a better vision of your future waits to be created. What an opportunity! Let's not miss out on it. Give us a call and start your path forward today.

Always ready to assist you in your journey,

Eric Connor, MS, LCPC, CSAT