Ever feel like life is getting in the way of your relationship?  Kids....work....money...STRESS......   All these things can be intruders on our ability to be connected and rejuvenated in our coupleship.  So how do communicate and work through these in a way that maintains emotionally intimacy??   Let's figure this out together.   

This workshop will teach couples tools for staying connected when the going gets tough or even in just the day to day. We’ve been there and know how hard that is to do at times!  

Some topics we will cover:

--What "intruders" are and how to manage boundaries around--

--How family-of-origin sets up our patterns of both triggers and connection--

--Effective ways of being heard and deepening emotional intimacy--

We will walk through exercises on connection, communication, intimacy, establishing (and reestablishing) the trust and commitment that relationships need to thrive. We also love to have fun.  So, be ready to laugh and live and RECONNECT. Join us!

When:  Feb. 25 9am-3pm

Where:  625 N North Court, Palatine, IL

Who:  Anyone with a desire to learn more tools to communicate and connect on a new level with their spouse or significant other.

What:  Eric (LCPC, CSAT) and Rachel (Relationship Coach/BA-Psychology) are a married couple who love working with couples who want to live in a connected, honest way in their personal lives and marriages/relationships.  

How much: $300 per couple 6 couple limit (lunch provided)

Email eric@recover-restore.com to sign up!