Stephanie's specialities are pre-teens, teens, and young adults, self-esteem issues, eating disorders and body shame, and the management of anxiety and depression.

Stephanie completed her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Moody Theological Seminary in Chicago. Prior to graduate school, she attended Wheaton College and then participated in overseas humanitarian work. She has experience working at a college counseling center, where she was able to help young adults deal with various questions related to emotional health, self esteem, career choices, spirituality, and relationships. Stephanie has also worked in elementary and middle school settings, counseling children grades K-8. She is particularly passionate about women’s health, managing anxiety and depression, and promoting positive body image.

            Stephanie takes a warm, holistic approach to counseling, drawing primarily on person-centered and cognitive-behavioral techniques. She believes in the power of vulnerability in the pursuit of freedom and authenticity, and these values inform her therapeutic presence and decisions. In Stephanie’s experience, counseling is most effective when it is a collaborative process. Her desire is to meet you where you are and to be a source of truth and encouragement as you journey together. As your counselor, she will do her best to help you identify your values, set and meet your goals, and face your fears.

Stephanie can be reached at 224-801-1700 Ext 3 or by emailing