Recover what has been lost.  Restore the vision for what is to come.  

Recover Restore Counseling is a full-range therapy practice serving Palatine, Barrington, Inverness, Arlington Heights, and other Chicago northwest suburbs.  Our primary purpose is assist individuals and couples in the recovery and healing of addictive behaviors, infidelity, trauma, and internal belief systems that inhibit our ability to thrive.

We offer expertise in several service areas, including:

  • healing from infidelity, sexual addiction and/or other destructive compulsive behaviors

  • couples counseling with an emphasis on knowing our story and from that what we bring into the relationship

  • childhood trauma and resolution

  • anxiety and OCD

  • attachment issues and developmental trauma

  • eating disorders and body image

  • stage of life issues (looking at anything that keeps us “stuck” or prevents us from thriving)

  • men’s issues (self-esteem, unresolved shame, relationships, building trust and commitment)

  • individuals seeking career change or new direction

  • spiritual direction and the intersection of faith in all aspects of life



A primary speciality of Recover Restore Counseling is the healing of betrayal trauma and sexual addiction - both for the addict and the partner/spouse.  We offer individual and group therapy towards establishing sobriety and a path forward.  In addition, we offer men's intensives that can significantly accelerate the progression toward long term recovery.

In relationship counseling we work within the coupleship to restore trust, safety and the multiple expressions of healthy intimacy.

We believe the journey of self-exploration and growth is as valuable as any pursuit possible.  Our commitment is to walk with you on this journey and offer respect, safety and acceptance in every way possible.

There is a way out of addictive obsession.  Hope is available.  Recovery is possible.