Do you take insurance?

We are contracted with Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO as a provider.  This means we are considered in-network if you are a BCBS PPO policy holder. 

Other insurance plans should reimburse for some portion of psychotherapy even if considered out-of-network, and sometimes to a great extent. Please direct questions about reimbursement amounts and timeliness to your insurance company. We are happy to provide monthly statements for any counseling services you use with us.  Please note that we do not complete any insurance paperwork.

How do I get started?

Call us at 224-801-1700 or email our office manager Janelle at  We will return your call shortly to discuss next steps.

Is there a cancellation policy?

At Recover Restore Counseling we ask that cancellations be made 48 hours in advance.  Except for emergency situations, there is a late cancellation fee of $125 if we are not given sufficient notice.  Also note that missed sessions are not reimbursable by insurance, so you are responsible for those charges.  

Is my information kept private?

Absolutely!  Except where mandated by law (as in the case of child abuse and/or elder abuse or imminent danger to yourself or others), your privacy is very important to us.  We take every step necessary to protect your confidentiality so that you can feel safe and supported in your work.