We offer individual counseling to help clients recover from any pressing issue that affects our ability to grow and thrive.  

These issues may include sex & porn addiction, emotional trauma, shame, rebuilding self-esteem, improving body image, career decisions, or general support around finding a meaningful direction for our future. 


Most clients engage in weekly counseling in addition to other groups and/or 12 step meetings. In some instances it may be recommended to meet bi-weekly with clients depending on circumstance and treatment goals.  

While our staff has completed significant training in multiple areas, research confirms the most important factor to successful counseling is the quality of relationship between client and therapist. 


Building a trustful alliance is of the utmost importance to us at Recover Restore Counseling.  

We believe (and have witnessed!) that unconditional positive regard is a prerequisite to successful therapeutic outcomes.

So many new clients are already feeling burdened by the weight of shame of feeling "not enough."  Therapy should be a place where these feelings are released, not strengthened.

At Recover Restore Counseling we work hard to leverage technology and the newest research in our counseling approach.  As we find appropriate TED talks, articles and research I will often forward these on to clients to help them to increase their understanding.